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Get your ready-to-use printable quiz! Perfect for your café, a company party or family party 🎉 Buy, download, print and play within 5 minutes 🚀

Sounds good, Pubquiz. But tell me, what is it? 🤷

Imagine A night out with some friends having a few drinks in your favorite bar 🍹 With your friends you form a team with your combined knowledge 🧠 The quizmaster asks various questions and you and your friends write down the answers.  

It's like playing Trivial Pursuit, except it's in a bar with your friends! Sounds fun, right? 🎉 And it's even better than classic Trivial Pursuit because in our quiz we have different rounds with different challenges 🙇 It's a mix of general knowledge, music, pictures and puzzles.  

When I buy a quiz. What do I get?

📥 It's all in one, easy-to-use download.

When you order your favorite quiz you get a personal link in your mailbox where you can download the package.

Download it, unzip it and take a look at the files. 

📦 Whats the content of the package?

The package contains everything you need to organize a full-length quiz. 

1) Manual on how to use and organise

2) Printable script for quizmaster

3) Excelsheet to keep track of scores

4) Excelsheet with answers 

5) Printable template for answer sheet

6) Audio/Music fragments

🤔 What do I have to do myself?

Gather a nice group of people who want to play. A minimum of 10 people in groups of 2 to 5 people is recommended.

🤵 Get a quizmaster (or do it yourself) and make sure he / she is well prepared.

💃 Enjoy playing and remember that fun is the most important!